Khabib Nurmagomedov commented on the result of the battle of McGregor against Cerrone

Khabib Nurmagomedov commented on the result of the battle of McGregor against Cerrone

  • By - Abdurashid Imanaliev
  • 10 February, 2020

Khabib: Fight McGregor vs. Cerrone is just a UFC game to restore Conor McGregor's reputation

Khabib Nurmagomedov keeps on being unmoved with the UFC's endeavors to set up a rematch among him and Conor McGregor. At the point when Dana White reported that the champ of McGregor versus Cerrone would win a title shot, Khabib expelled the battle as being 'small time.' And keeping in mind that White keeps on asserting Nurmagomedov won't turn down an official idea to battle Conor once more, the Dagestani wrestling pro sure doesn't sound enthused about the entire circumstance.

During a question and answer session in Russia (video by means of RT Game), an individual from the press inquired as to whether he lamented dissing Donald Cerrone such a great amount in the number one spot up and consequence of UFC 246.

I was putting together it with respect to how well they picked an adversary for [Conor McGregor's] return in order to wow individuals. Why? Since 90% of individuals who watch MMA have no idea about the game. They simply watch it and don't have the foggiest idea about the names. Furthermore, the other 10% ... a huge number of individuals watch, yet there are anything but a million contenders. There are 300, 400, 500 that battle in the UFC. They have mentors, so suppose 10,000 individuals that know MMA. They see who loses and under what conditions, what moves, when he battled, where he battled, what association."

"Barely any individuals know those subtleties, others simply couldn't care less who's battling and how, who he battled before, who the rival is, they know nothing. They simply watch the battle. Furthermore, UFC works very well with that. So they picked [Cerrone] and their arrangement worked and individuals began to discuss it once more, about a rematch and other stuff. Cerrone lost seven out of his last ten battles. A man turns out multiple times and loses seven and is known as a legend. All things considered, let him be a legend, however his time is up."

Presently the UFC needs to toss McGregor directly once again into title conflict in front of a few higher positioning lightweights, and Khabib sounds genuine outraged.

"We're discussing a contender battle, about a contender, an individual who should turn out and battle for a world title," he proceeded. "There are different contenders who have substantiated themselves with their status, their persuading triumphs. There are different contenders, yet [UFC] went another highway, one that is progressively appropriate for the media, the individuals, however one that looks bad to specialists."

He was as yet self-reproachful for featuring Cerrone's inadequacies as a rival as commandingly as he did.

"That was before the battle," Nurmagomedov wrapped up. "After the battle numerous individuals concurred with me, yet what you're asking, that it was idiotic ... I concur. I simply needed to contact individuals, for them to comprehend what sort of an adversary they put before [McGregor]."

Positively doesn't seem like somebody keen on rematching McGregor without the Irish matches star dominating another battle. Maybe against his administrator's favored decision for a title eliminator: Justin Gaethje?


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