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For the Caucasians, the papakha (Khabib hat) is a point of pride. It is not to be dropped or lost. Sinister as it may seem, this special hat can traditionally only be removed if the...


For the Caucasians, the papakha (Khabib hat) is a point of pride. It is not to be dropped or lost. Sinister as it may seem, this special hat can traditionally only be removed if the head is removed along with it.

The specificity of the papakha is that it does not allow you to walk with your head down. It is as if she herself "educates" a person, forcing him to "not bend his back".

In Dagestan, there was also a tradition to make an offer with the help of a papakha. When a young man wanted to woo, but was afraid to do it openly, he could throw the papakha out of the window to the girl. If the papakha did not fly back for a long time, then the young man could count on a favorable outcome.

The process of making a papakha is complex and time-consuming. It begins with the main thing, the choice of sheep skins. They must meet certain standards, a knowledgeable master can determine at a glance and by touch whether the skin is suitable or not.

The skins are soaked in water, thoroughly cleaned and washed in a mountain river. Drying takes a long time. Then the blank is impaled on a wooden block with a lever, to stretch the skin. After a few hours, the pile is carefully combed.


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    Weat coast of Canada here. Was worth the wait. Completely authentic. I only ordered one because I was unsure of what the quality would be like. The workmanship is excellent and it fits beautifully. I will be ordering one more for my husband.

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    First of all I want to say thank you for this great product. It fits very well and the quality is very good. Very happy with my purchase and I strongly recommend to buy this product if you are a real fan of Khabib. Thanks again!


    Great purchase. My papakha traveled through different parts of Russia to get to me in the U.S. Fits perfect, not too loose or too tight. You can tell just by the smell it is authentic. Would buy again in a heartbeat!


    Excellent groin very quickly came the goods for a week


    Very high quality and natural groin, i recommend to buy

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